About Brandon Davila

Brandon Davila is a content manager for Healthpointe. A writer and editor by day and an avid reader/comic book enthusiast by night. Brandon also prefers not to refer to himself in third person, but he will make an exception for this bio. For more of Brandon, check out his articles on the Healthpointe blog.


Heartburn and Your Diet

What you need to know about Heartburn Heartburn is a sensation of burning or discomfort typically experienced in the chest area or upper belly up to the throat. Heartburn is normally a result of an irritation of the esophagus (the tube that connec...
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Charley horse pain in the calf of a male jogger. Could be muscle cramp!

What are Charley Horses?

Why do I get Charley Horses? This is a question that I was pondering one day while experiencing agonizing pain in my calf area.  Oh, I remember that experience like it was yesterday… It was a dark, gloomy night – I was lying in bed, dreami...
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