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Jessica is a health blogger and content writer for Healthpointe, a healthcare organization specializing in orthopedics, sports injuries, injured workers, and more. Whatever it is you need to know – whether it’s the latest treatments for hernias, or tips for quick headache relief (and everything in between) – Jessica has you covered. For more of Jessica, check out her articles on the Healthpointe blog.


Let’s Talk About Antibiotics

What does Antibiotic Resistance mean? Antibiotic resistance is the ability for microbes/bacteria to resist the effects of antibiotics. This usually occurs when the microbe/bacteria changes in a way that reduces the effectiveness of the drugs desig...
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SI Joint – Why Do I Feel Pain?

Let's Get Familiar with the Sacroiliac Joint The sacroiliac joint (SI Joint) is the joint that connects the sacrum of the spine to the right and left side of the iliac bones (hip bones). The iliac bones are the large bones that form the pelvis...
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What’s a Shin Splint?

Have you ever heard of ‘shin splints’? If you haven’t, that’s okay; the term shin splint generally refers to a catch-all term for lower leg pain. The pain can occur below the knee, or the inside of the leg. Athletes, runners, tennis play...
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Oh My Tendon!

Everything you need to know about tendon injuries. Do you have questions about tendon repair surgery? Healthpointe can help! If you have questions give us a call 888-719-8448. At Healthpointe, we are passionate about health, mindfulness, prevent...
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