sports medicine

What is Sports Medicine?

Ever heard of the term ‘sports medicine’, but had no idea what it meant? Have no fear, Healthpointe is here to help you understand sports medicine and all that it has to offer! The following is a summary of sports medicine, who it’s for, a...
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Doctor holding x-ray image of normal male chest

Chest X-Rays

What is a chest x-ray? A chest x-ray is an image of the chest cavity which encompasses the heart, lungs, blood vessels, airways and lymph nodes. Additionally, the chest x-ray shows the bones, such as the  chest bones, spine, ribs, collarbone an...
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how to run in the rain

How to Run in the Rain

For most humans, this article may seem a bit superfluous. But chances are that you who are reading this are no ordinary human – you’re a Southern Californian, which means you’ve only heard about “rainy seasons” in textbooks. And on the ra...
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