Doctor holding x-ray image of normal male chest

Chest X-Rays

What is a chest x-ray? A chest x-ray is an image of the chest cavity which encompasses the heart, lungs, blood vessels, airways and lymph nodes. Additionally, the chest x-ray shows the bones, such as the  chest bones, spine, ribs, collarbone an...
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a  female doctor smiles to camera on a hospital ward . In the background a young nurse colleague and senior nurse are with a patient in their bed .

Fast Facts About Hernia Repair

What are hernias? Hernias are protrusion of an organ or tissue. Usually the hernia is produced by a slip of the intestine into the abdominal wall. Thus, the hernia is created and causes a bulge that may be seen or felt. What are the types of...
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What to Do After a Flu Shot

While the seasonal flu shot is formulated to reduce or eliminate the risks for contracting influenza, some people experience adverse reactions for many reasons. Fortunately, these are usually mild and temporary in nature and treatments are availabl...
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