Dermatitis Treatment

Dermatitis is a term encompassing several different types of skin inflammations, irritations, and ailments. It often consists of red, itchy, dry, or swollen skin. Dermatitis may lead to oozing, blistering, or dry and flakey skin.

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Causes and Symptoms of Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis/eczema creates a red, itchy rash along the body, most commonly found on the neck, face, feet, hands, and back of the knees. It is often genetic and coupled with allergies, asthma, and stress; however, it is not contagious.

Contact dermatitis is caused by irritants, allergens, or substances that come into contact with the body. It creates rashes that may blister, burn, sting, or itch.

Nummular dermatitis is most common among men and its cause is unknown. It is believed to be caused by sensitivity to metals, formaldehyde, or antibiotics such as neomycin. Nummular dermatitis begins as small, red coin-shaped spots and blisters. The blisters eventually leak and crust over which leaves oval or circular sores between the sizes of 1 to 4 inches on the skin. They most commonly appear on the legs, torso, arms, hands, and feet. Excessive exposure to dry weather or hot water can cause this type of dermatitis.

Seborrheic dermatitis/cradle cap is believed to be caused by a combination of nutrient deficiencies, erratic hormone levels, a weak immune system, and problems in the nervous system. It creates a yellow or red tinted oily rash resembling scales on the genitals, face, or scalp. Seborrheic dermatitis is associated with stress and causes dandruff.

Stasis dermatitis commonly occurs on the lower extremities due to irregular circulation. For this reason, it is often seen in people with congestive heart failure, varicose veins, or other venous insufficiencies that lead to leg swelling. The skin becomes red and shiny, with swollen and tender areas.


Atopic dermatitis is incurable but can be effectively managed through cold compresses, moisturizers, and warm baths.

Contact dermatitis can be treated by washing the irritated area with water to remove all traces of the substance. Moisturizers, skin creams, ointments, and other emollients can be used to reduce or sooth itching and other symptoms.

Nummular dermatitis can be cleared completely by protecting the skin from further scrapes or injuries, moisturizing the skin, and using prescribed ointments such as corticosteroid to reduce inflammation.

Seborrheic dermatitis is a chronic condition, but it can be partially treated through the use of antifungal agents such as ketoconazole, and anti-inflammatory creams such as hydrocortisone.

Stasis dermatitis treatment is often chronic and requires life-long treatment. Maintaining the legs above heart-level and applying moisturizers and hydrocortisone creams can reduce swelling. In order to properly treat this type of dermatitis, the venous insufficiency must be addressed directly.

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