Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo is a non-contagious and non life-threatening condition that causes depigmentation throughout the body. This form of skin discoloration can begin at any age although it is likely to present itself before the age of 20. It can affect people of any race and can appear anywhere on the body including inside of the mouth and nose, along the retina, and throughout hair.

People with vitiligo often face social and psychological anxiety and are at increased risk of skin cancer, eye aggravation, and hearing loss. For these reasons, it is important to receive the proper treatment from a certified physician. Healthpointe offers extensive treatment and consultations for dealing with vitiligo.

Symptoms of Vitiligo

There are a few different forms of vitiligo, each displaying a different degree of similar symptoms. Vitiligo can be identified through its patchy skin depigmentation predominantly along sun-exposed limbs and around the body’s orifices such as the eyes and mouth.

Vitiligo can progress symmetrically along the entire body, it can occur heavily on a single side of the body, or it can be limited to a certain area.

Causes of Vitiligo

The skin condition known as Vitiligo occurs when melanocytes—pigment producing cells of the body— which are responsible for creating skin color, die or become idle. Although the reason melanocytes stop functioning is unknown, doctors believe it to be either a hereditary issue, a disorder within the immune system, or exposure to certain chemicals.

Treatment of Vitiligo

While vitiligo has no known cure, there are several treatments available that can stop or diminish the depigmentation process and even partially reverse its effects. Treatments range from cosmetic and corticosteroid creams, skin grafting, and de-pigmentation, to phototherapy and melanocyte transplants. Progress is often made through a combination of these treatments and most treatments span over a year.

Healthpointe offers a variety of creams to reduce inflammation.

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