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When the citizens of Corona desire treatment for their injuries, they come to Healthpointe. Healthpointe’s Corona facility offers patients with advanced physical and occupational therapy services to treat their ailments and alleviate their pain in a cost-effective manner. Patients, employers and employees may also receive physical therapy to augment their recovery time and help patients return to their work. They may also receive other services, such as occupational medicine, acupuncture, cosmetic care, cardiology, wound care, psychological behavioral medicine, orthopedics, etc. We do accept most private insurances.

Healthpointe excels at delivering the finest care, and we continue to do so to make all patients happy. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment by licensed specialists, patients may experience great care here at Healthpointe. We also offer headache care, school physicals, DOT exams, pre-placement exams, immigration physicals, and so much more. Workers’ compensation cases may also be handled here.

Healthpointe strives in delivering the best possible patient care while saving costs as much as possible, so come on down and find out why we are one of Southern California’s leading multidisciplinary medical organizations.

We are conveniently located near the 91 Freeway.

Address: 1171 Railroad St. Corona, CA 92882. Check out our reviews here.

List of services that we offer: (most services are available at all centers; contact your local Healthpointe medical center so we can best serve your needs)

  • Occupational Medicine
  • Orthopedic Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Headache MD Headache Clinics
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Diet and Weight Loss Services
  • Acupuncture
  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Neurology
  • Pain Management
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Plastic Surgery

Recent Healthpointe Corona Reviews

Reviewer Name: Mark | Yelp Name: Mark Tiffany | Star Rating: 4 | Comments: | Source: Google

Reviewer Name: Ken | Yelp Name: Ken Budd | Star Rating: 5 | Comments: | Source: Google

Reviewer Name: John | Yelp Name: John Howe | Star Rating: 5 | Comments: The staff are wonderful. | Source: Google

Reviewer Name: Cindy | Yelp Name: Cindy Sandler | Star Rating: 5 | Comments: Everyone is Friendly and willing to help. The waiting Room and exam Rooms are clean. | Source: Google

Reviewer Name: Michael | Yelp Name: Michael Baisa | Star Rating: 5 | Comments: | Source: Google

Reviewer Name: Debora | Yelp Name: Debora Sarpong | Star Rating: 5 | Comments: | Source: Google

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Reviewer Name: Dominga | Yelp Name: Dominga Bracamontes | Star Rating: 5 | Comments: | Source: Google

Reviewer Name: NMA | Yelp Name: NMA | Star Rating: 4 | Comments: Dr Saeed Nick is one of the best doctors we have seen since my medical issue begin. He’s kind, professional, caring, good bed side manners and over all a good provider. The rest of the staff is amazing too!! Kiddos to the male/female that assist Dr Saeed in the back office. They’re both very professional and kind too. The only negative comment we have towards this facility is the two main(second floor) receptionist. They both seem a bit annoyed when they’re assisting us or other patients. They need to be a bit friendly towards the patients and smile. Make us feel welcomed! We understand we all have are bad days. But within the last few visit we noticed the bitterness/unfriendly towards us and other patients. If these ladies can’t be a bit friendly towards the patients. Maybe these two ladies need to be retrained or placed in a different job position where they both don’t need to be dealing with patients at all. You definitely can tell who’s there for just a paycheck and who are there because they enjoy their job. This is the only reason we gave a 4 star. | Source: Google

Reviewer Name: Héctor | Yelp Name: Héctor Rivera | Star Rating: 4 | Comments: | Source: Google


Healthpointe in Corona, CA

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