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Healthpointe is ready to provide Temecula and the surrounding communities the finest medical care around. We specialize in treating personal and private injuries, general patients, and worker’s compensation, and provides screenings, tests, and other occupational medicine needs to employers and employees. Patients residing in Temecula may undergo such examinations as school physicals, DOT exams, pre-placement exams, immigration physicals, and so much more. Workers’ compensation cases may also be handled here. We also accept most private insurances.

The Temecula Medical Center is staffed with board certified specialists and experienced nurses who provide unrivaled quality service. We also offer physical therapy, cardiology, orthopedic care, headache care, chiropractic care, cosmetic care, wound care, acupuncture, neurosurgery, and occupational medicine. At Healthpointe, we are determined to handle all of your healthcare needs.

We are conveniently located by the 15 freeway.

Address: 27455 Tierra Alta Way, Suite A, Temecula, CA 92590. Check out our reviews here.

List of services that we offer: (most services are available at all centers; contact your local Healthpointe medical center so we can best serve your needs)

  • Occupational Medicine
  • Orthopedic Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Headache MD Headache Clinic
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Diet and Weight Loss Services
  • Acupuncture
  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Neurology
  • Pain Management
  • Workers’ Compensation

Recent Healthpointe Temecula Reviews

Reviewer Name: TestUser | Yelp Name: TestUser | Star Rating: 5 | Comments: Great clinic. Staff is helpful. Thank you for a great experience. | Source: Our Website

Reviewer Name: Sherry | Yelp Name: Sherry VanCor | Star Rating: 5 | Comments: I really like this clinic. People are very friendly and professional. The Temecula Physical Therapy in the Temecula office are all great, Gil and Berths are wonderful. They all make you feel relaxed and important. | Source: Google

Reviewer Name: Vanessa | Yelp Name: Vanessa S. | Star Rating: 5 | Comments: I actually got off to a rocky start here, but after the little wrinkles had been smoothed out (which didn’t take very long at all, mind you), everything went fine and I’ve actually been going here for almost a year. They take exceptional care of me and I’m very happy to have found them here. I highly recommend neurologist Dr. Nick. He truly cares about his patients and has a wonderful bedside manner. I’ve also seen Ann Pierce, NP and liked her very much as well. I will be getting my annual physical with her soon, as I’m overdue and was just waiting for insurance, which I recently purchased. The office manager, Yani, is fantastic! If I’ve ever had any issues, I’ve dealt directly with her and she’s absolutely wonderful. She really understands what customer service is about and knows how to take care of people. I’m overdue contacting her supervisor to let them know what an incredible job she does there. I guess this is my reminder to myself! The MAs are all polite and personable. Little did I also know is that many of them are certified x-ray techs. I was so pleasantly surprised when i found that out, having worked in the medical field before becoming unable to work. The office staff is also friendly, polite and courteous. I am always treated professionally and with respect when I go into the office. I’ve definitely come to establish a wonderful rapport with everyone there, and despite going to the doctor, it’s really a pleasure seeing everyone when I go in (which is almost every month. Sometimes, there is a little bit of a wait time, but i don’t really mind due to the exceptional care i receive from everyone there, from start to finish. They’re practically family to me, as silly as it sounds. | Source: Google

Reviewer Name: Judith Ann | Yelp Name: Judith Ann Crunk | Star Rating: 5 | Comments: Excellent staff and care. | Source: Google

Reviewer Name: Debra | Yelp Name: Debra Moreno | Star Rating: 5 | Comments: | Source: Google

Reviewer Name: armando | Yelp Name: armando vega | Star Rating: 5 | Comments: | Source: Google

Reviewer Name: Connie | Yelp Name: Connie Cota | Star Rating: 5 | Comments: | Source: Google

Reviewer Name: Jim | Yelp Name: Jim Heter | Star Rating: 4 | Comments: | Source: Google

Reviewer Name: Alberto | Yelp Name: Alberto Ramos | Star Rating: 5 | Comments: | Source: Google

Reviewer Name: geness | Yelp Name: geness norman | Star Rating: 4 | Comments: | Source: Google


Healthpointe in Temecula, CA

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