Occupational Medicine in Orange County and Los Angeles

Occupational Medicine, Industrial Medicine and Workers Compensation

Healthpointe is staffed by experienced occupational medicine practitioners who are skilled in caring for the employer as well as the employee. Our professionals are dedicated to detailed case management, open employer and physician communication, and cost containment.

Meeting Employer’s Needs

Each of our facilities is comprehensively equipped to accommodate the spectrum of the employer’s needs, including D.M.V. physicals, D.O.T. drug screens, breath / alcohol testing, and 24-hour medical availability. In addition, each facility offers convenient in-house services such as on-site dispensing of medication, acupuncture, and transportation services. Our service network provides continuity of care, prompt diagnosis, and the efficiency of an inclusive treatment system.


We welcome all occupational medicine referrals. Each of our clients benefits from our comprehensive approach to medicine, led by our extensive physician network. We pride ourselves on providing high quality care, and we actively cultivate long-term working relationships with our clients.

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