About Kristin Minasian

Kristin is a content writer and medical reviewer for Healthpointe, where she creates pretty much anything – from press releases on new doctors to blog articles on the link between rock and roll and your health. When she is not punching keys at her computer, you can most certainly find her playing them at her piano! For more of Kristin, check out her articles on the Healthpointe blog.

Best Chairs for Back Pain

Is your old, rickety chair starting to become a royal pain in the you-know-what? No worries! Take advice from the following guide to chairs designed for back pain relief, and you’ll be reigning over your land (or living room) in no time! TheH...
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Top 3 Shoes for Foot Pain

Shoes for Foot Pain Most of us only pay attention to arch support when choosing a new workout or running shoe – and almost no attention to our work or ‘errands’ shoes.  Which is crazy, because only a fraction of our time is spent working...
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