Scientists Close in on the Heels of New Migraine Treatment

Modern medicine has repeatedly been frustrated in its attempts at finding the exact cause and treatments for the various types of headaches and migraines. But recent research has pointed to the possibility that a hypersensitive nerve system triggers the pain, a finding resulting in the development of medicines formulated to soothe the nerve’s overly active cells. Scientists are now in the final stages of testing the medicines.

These will be the first ever drugs formulated to prevent migraines even before they start. In most migraine treatments, the drugs are formulated to lessen the severity, intensity and duration of the crippling symptoms including severe pain, high sensitivity to light or sound, nausea, lightheaded feeling, and blurred vision.

If these new medicines deliver on their promise, based on the studies conducted involving approximately 1,300 patients, then millions of headaches need not happen. This is good news for the millions of sufferers of migraine attacks in the United States as well as their families, friends and employers (i.e., migraines cost workers thousands of hours in lost productivity that, in turn, contributes in millions of lost opportunity for their employers).

Emphasis must be made that the Holy Grail of migraines has always been prevention for good reasons. While there are migraine-specific drugs effective in stopping attacks after they start, both doctors and patients want drugs that prevent the attacks in the first place.

Scientists focused their attention on the trigeminal nerve system, a part of the brain’s primary pathway of pain where they suspected migraine started. Studies conducted on animals indicated that the nerve’s branches contained overactive cells that respond to usually benign stimulations caused by lights, sounds and smells. The branches release chemicals, which transmit pain signals and start migraine symptoms.

Migraine specialists are also seeking other treatments like:

  • Eyelid and forehead surgery for the decompression of the branches of the trigeminal nerve
  • Altering nerve cell activity through transcranial magnetic stimulation

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