5 Top Tips for a Natural Mind Cleanse

Are you looking for a way to cleanse your mind? You are in luck – Here are 5 simple tips to help you cleanse your mind and rid you of excess mental noise.

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  1. Practice silence!

When you consciously practice silence or manage to spend some time in silence, you can begin to quiet the mind’s chatter. The minds chatter can include wondering thoughts, worries, daydreaming, or simply the inability to stay focused.  However, the goal is to be “one with silence.” This means you should give yourself time to tune out the noise and tune into the quietness.

Start by doing small activities that can help you reach your goal. You can practice for as little as ten to fifteen minutes every day or every week by remaining silent and clearing your mind.  Thoughts will intrude, but imagine putting them on a train that is leaving your mind. Activities that can help achieve a state of silence includes yoga, tai chi, meditating, or even sitting alone and having a meal.

  1. Make time in your schedule for daydreaming.

Remove all digital devices and stay away from social media for the amount of time you have scheduled daydreaming. The goal is to have absolutely no distractions, which allows your mind time to roam freely. You might discover that you have great ideas, or solutions to problems. Additional benefits of scheduling daydreaming, on a regular basis, is that your mind can cleanse itself from worries, repetitive thought, and mental noise that can become a hazard to your problem-solving skills.

Remember, you can even schedule daydreaming while showering, or as a passenger in a commute. Scheduling daydreaming can help give your mind the breathing room it needs to become more creative.

  1. Take breaks from social media.

Yes, I know this may be hard; however, your mind will thank you! Social media can tire your brain because of all the task switching. When you are on a social media site (such as Facebook), your brain is working really hard to process information quickly and in a short time frame. This can become very exhausting and distracting.

  1. Exercise!

By exercising, you are allowing your mind to take a break. How? When you exercise, your mind begins to tune into the now, meaning the focus is in the present moment. When you exercise, you aid your mind and body. This does not necessarily translate into a heart-pounding exercise; rather, exercise in the way you get motivated to stay active.

  1. Sleep!

Sleeping is essential for the brain because it is said that during sleep, the brain cells shrink and open up gaps, so that the neurons can be washed.[1]  Therefore, while you sleep, your brain is cleaning itself by removing toxins. This means that the brain will be ready for the new day, to function properly.

Are you ready to cleanse your mind? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

[1] Faculty of 1000 evaluation for Sleep drives metabolite clearance from the adult brain.

Ralph Mistlberger – F1000 – Post-publication peer review of the biomedical literature – 2013

Medically reviewed by Dr. Roman Shulze

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