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Commercial restaurant workers, especially the chefs and their assistants, know it all too well – it only takes a split second for injuries to occur and for people to get hurt badly, without knowledge of proper cooking safety tips. The high risks for injuries in a commercial kitchen can be attributed to several factors, including the high number of inexperienced workers, the number of people in the kitchen handling various dangerous equipment (e.g., knives) and substances, and the number of tasks that must be done in a confined space. For professional chefs, the occupational medicine specialists can work with you to help prevent these injuries.

While cuts and burns as well as slips, trips and slides can occur even in residential kitchens, the risks for more serious injuries are higher in commercial kitchen for these reasons, too. For example, a slip with a hot frying pan with boiling oil in it can affect not just the immediate person but the persons nearest him; kitchen workers usually work side-by-side in relatively cramped spaces.

The doctors at any of the Healthpointe clinics, such as the Temecula clinic, which is near Murrieta, Fallbrook, Wildomar, Canyon Lake, and Sun City, have seen their share of commercial kitchen workers requiring medical attention for their injuries. Occupational therapists are also hired to assist workers into coming back to work.

Commercial kitchen workers should always be aware of their surroundings and their actions when at work, not only for their own safety but for the safety of their co-workers, perhaps even the customers.

Owners and managers of commercial kitchens and restaurants should then implement safety rules and regulations to reduce the risks for injuries in the workplace. The best place to start is to consider the rules and regulations in the California/OSHA Safety and Health Regulations of Title 8 under the California Code of Regulations. Ask lawyers and occupational therapists, among other knowledgeable professionals about the matter.

Two other important methods of ensuring safety in commercial kitchens are:

  • Explain the importance of adopting safety guidelines even when these appear unrelated to machinery use. For example, hair nets are not only used to avoid food contamination but also to prevent hair from getting tangled in kitchen equipment.
  • Provide ongoing training and supervision to kitchen workers. Complacency increases the risks for injuries especially when the workers have not undergone intensive training before working in a commercial kitchen.

Indeed, commercial kitchen workers may bring joy to their clients via delicious food but for them to continue doing so, their safety in the workplace is of paramount importance.

For injured commercial health workers, occupational therapy is a must before going back to work. Come and visit our clinics, including the Garden Grove clinic, which is near Stanton, Santa Ana, and Westminster.

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