Returning to Work Is a Team Effort

After you have been injured on the job, you have to take time off from work for your proper recovery and return to work. Returning too soon can worsen your injuries in the same way that returning too late can lessen your recovery time. Indeed, returning to work and becoming productive at work requires the right timing, the right efforts, and the right team behind your back, not to mention team effort.

You have to work with a licensed occupational therapist (find one at any of the Healthpointe clinics, such as the one in Corona near Norco, Home Gardens, Mira Loma, and Pedley) for your transitional work program. In a transitional work program, you will be provided with instruction, education and job coaching in safe and effective work practices designed to prevent further injury. You are in the program because you can complete some job-related tasks but you are not yet at your full job capacity.

You may believe that a transitional work program is unnecessary in your case. But this is not so, especially when your work involves strenuous physical activities, repetitive movements, and hazardous environments, among others. The more knowledge and skills you have to deal with your job-related tasks and your workplace environment, the easier and faster you can return to meaningful and productive work.

Your goal when undergoing occupational therapy: You will regain complete independence and function regarding work-related tasks as well as adopt healthier ergonomic practices.

You have to work with your occupational therapist for this reason. Your occupational therapist will perform the following jobs for your benefit:

  • Perform an evaluation while you are on the job to determine your ability to complete tasks
  • Recommend appropriate modifications to your job tasks so that you can complete them safely
  • Identify your meaningful job tasks and initially focus on these tasks for therapy purposes
  • Monitor your progress on a regular basis including the reassessment of your work-related physical condition, which is necessary to determine your readiness to be upgraded to full duty

In return, you have to work closely with your occupational therapist. A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Do not overestimate your physical and mental ability to complete the job tasks lest you overexert yourself and, thus, worsen your injuries
  • Gradually complete your job-related tasks based on the advice of your occupational therapist as well as your employer and doctor

Ultimately, returning to work is not just your goal – it’s also your employer’s goal.

Any of the Healthpointe clinics, such as the one in Garden Grove near Stanton, Santa Ana, and Westminster, have the best occupational therapists that can formulate and implement effective transitional work programs.

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