Warehouse Safety to Adopt Now

According to occupational medicine specialists, among the employees in warehouses, you will find two mindsets: “The things around here are just fine with the present warehouse safety measures” and “The employees are taking shortcuts but nobody has been hurt yet so everything’s just fine.”

Both of these mindsets can prove dangerous sooner than later for employees because the risks are always present in these environments. The risks increase when the employees have a flippant attitude toward warehouse safety, or take shortcuts around it, or have little knowledge and skills for it.

Our Healthpointe professionals at any of our clinics (such as the one in Irwindale near Duarte, Azusa, West Covina, Vincent, and Mayflower Village) have seen many patients who have suffered from warehouse-related injuries. We are then concerned about the adoption of warehouse safety measures that your crew should be adopting now but are probably not doing so. The best time to start is now!

#1 Eliminate the Trip and Slip Hazards

While this is an obvious tip in maintaining optimum warehouse safety, it is not always obvious especially in the hectic environment of warehouses. The warehouse manager and employees should make it a habit to look for possible trip and slip hazards and then remove them. These hazards can include cords snaking across the floor, tools set on the floor, and items not in their proper places.

#2 Use Safety Equipment

Yet another obvious warehouse safety tip that many warehouse employees fail to follow is the use of existing safety equipment. Forklifts and hydraulic dollies are not used to lift heavy items. Hardhats, coveralls, and safety goggles are not always worn. Safety equipment is not maintained properly and replaced regularly. Sprinkler heads are blocked by inventory. Emergency exits are made inaccessible by placing items and equipment in their way – and the list goes on.

#3 Make Clear Delineation of Hazard Zones

Sometimes, the simplest solutions can make a big difference in warehouse safety. This is true for the use of zebra stripes to delineate hazard zones in the warehouse, which will contribute to the increased awareness of employees about adopting stringent safety measures in these zones. The trick is in coming up with a simple solution that works best in your warehouse.

Of course, all employees must take orientation and refresher courses about warehouse safety on a regular basis. With their increased awareness, the risks for warehouse injuries can be reduced. But when warehouse accidents happen, the best course of action is to call the doctors for proper medical attention.

Visit any of our clinics (such as the La Mirada clinic near Whittier, La Habra, Norwalk, Cerritos, Buena Park, and Santa Fe Springs) for more information and attention in warehouse safety.

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