Work Conditioning Programs and Conditioning Exercises

The Healthpointe clinics (such as the La Mirada clinic near Whittier, La Habra, Norwalk, Cerritos, Buena Park, and Santa Fe Springs) offer employers and employees a work conditioning program. Many people, however, still have questions about a work conditioning program – what it is, what happens in it, and why they should undergo it.

Basically, a work conditioning program is designed to provide employees who have previously been sidelined by a work-related injury with the physical and mental ability to perform work-related activities after their recovery and subsequent return to their jobs.  With occupational medicine work conditioning and conditioning exercises, the person can get back to work safely and quickly, which will also benefit the employer.

Before the program starts, the work conditioning therapists will usually conduct several tests to determine the functional capacity, baseline physical performance, and other work-related factors for the employee. The goal: To determine the employee’s current functional deficits, level of work de-conditioning, and work goals.

The occupational therapists can decide on the most appropriate therapeutic and conditioning exercises and activities including the types of job simulation tasks. The goal: To assist the employee in regaining his physical functions in relation to his work duties.

The work conditioning program generally focuses on restoring endurance, strength, and range of motion as well as improving pain tolerance levels in the core routine. With these goals in mind, the occupational therapists will then formulate several job simulation exercises.

The employee will also be provided with various work conditioning tasks that must be completed at home. These tasks are also designed to facilitate work conditioning.

At regular intervals, the occupational therapists will evaluate the effectiveness of the work conditioning exercises with particular attention given to safety. The importance of compliance in regards to the job simulation exercises cannot be overemphasized, considering that the occupational therapists can only do so much in the employee’s safe return to work. The success of the work conditioning program, indeed, largely lies in the hands of the employee.

But it is not just the physical aspect that matters in a work conditioning program. The employee also builds his self-confidence in preparation for his work re-entry.

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