Curiosity Killed the Cat…And Back Pain!

Struggle with back pain or other kinds of physical pain? Consider this:

Have you ever stubbed your toe against the coffee table? That pain goes deep, right? And, if you’re like most people, you are not the friendliest person in that moment.

This is just a small-scale example of the link between physical and mental health. Many times, back pain or chronic pain that persists for months can lead to loss of interest in the things that were once enjoyable – mostly because you physically can’t run, bike, leap, dance, etc. due to pain. And, since you are no longer doing the things you once loved, you may find it harder to keep your spirits high. In turn, feeling depressed or down can lead to physical changes – like upset stomachs, headaches, or back pain – which can further dampen our moods, etc., etc. In other words:

  1. Chronic Pain Leads to Inability to Walk, Run, Sit, etc.
  2. Inability To Walk, Run, Sit Leads to Depressed Moods
  3. Depressed Moods Can Trigger Physical Pain
  4. Physical Pain Leads to Inability to Walk, Run, Sit, etc.

And so the cycle continues.

Curious Solutions

Sometimes, even the smallest shifts in mentation can bloom, with habit, into physical results. Consider ‘Thinking Like a Child’.

Children are notorious for their curiosity. Ever heard of the phrases ‘childlike wonder’, or ‘childlike awe’? The practice of opening one’s consciousness to the everyday small wonders and ideas around us is a skill – one that takes patience and sometimes meditation.

Of course, mental and physical health disorders are to be treated under strict doctor’s orders. But if you struggle from time to time with moods affected by physical pain, try practicing mindfulness. Take time to pause from the distractions of your daily schedule, and from your thoughts. Try clearing your head by appreciating a piece of art, or the shapes of the clouds in the sky, for a few minutes. Mental rest can, in the moment, result in physical changes to your posture and breathing patterns.

Mental and physical health often go hand in hand. Seek treatment now for either or both, by talking to a Healthpointe doctor near you. For more information about orthopedic and holistic medicine doctors at Healthpointe contact any of the Healthpointe clinics.

About Healthpointe:

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