Diagnosing Back Pain

Athletes know that getting an accurate diagnosis for the causes of their back pain is crucial. An accurate diagnosis contributes to an effective treatment plan so the earlier and more accurate your diagnosis, the better for your recovery.

With that being said, here are a few issues that you will encounter during the diagnostic process for your back pain. Be sure to discuss these issues with your Healthpointe doctor so that you will have a more active participation in your treatment.

#1 Same Condition, Different Terminology

Spine specialists typically use different terms for the same condition or describe the same condition with different names, thus, contributing to the confusion. For example, a herniated disc can be called a pinched nerve, a slipped disc, or a bulging disc, all of which will likely have no set definition among medical professionals.

The result: You will be confused because of the various terms used by different health professionals particularly regarding your real diagnosis.

Plus, medical terminology can be misleading to patients. For example, degenerative disc disease is not actually a disease per se but instead a degenerative condition that can result in pain.

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#2 Diagnostic Tests Do Not Lead to Diagnosis All the Time

It must be emphasized that many medical terms actually pertain to the radiographic findings (e.g., CT scan, MRI scan) but these cannot determine the actual cause of your back pain. This means that diagnostic tests do not always lead to an accurate diagnosis.

The bottom line: Ask your doctor about what your diagnosis means. You can then educate yourself about the condition and, thus, take the necessary measures to facilitate your recovery. You should avoid taking medications, performing activities, and adopting other measures based on your research without discussing these matters with your doctor.

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