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Facts about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The hands are arguably the most important limbs in our body. But when carpal tunnel syndrome sets in, it can feel like your affected hand has become your enemy.

Carpal tunnel syndrome refers to pressure on the median nerve which results in a wide range of symptoms including numbness, weakness, and tingling as well as pain in either the fingers or the entire hand. Many people also experience pain in the affected arm usually between the hand and elbow.

When just the fingers are affected, only the thumb, index finger and middle finger as well as half of the ring finger feel the numbness, weakness and tingling. The little finger is usually fine because the median nerve does not give it sensation.

The symptoms can first be noticed at night as well as upon waking up. Relief can be had by shaking the affected hand but massaging it can worsen the pain.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is usually cause by pressure on the median nerve. It can be caused by several things, such as illnesses (e.g., diabetes, hypothyroidism, and rheumatoid arthritis); repetitive movements on the hands and wrists (e.g., tennis players), and pregnancy.

Regardless of the possible cause of your symptoms mimicking carpal tunnel syndrome, be sure to have your symptoms checked by the doctors at Healthpointe. Keep in mind that the earlier the diagnosis, the earlier relief can be experienced. The Healthpointe doctors and surgeons may suggest surgery as part of the effective treatment plan.

During the medical consultation, Healthpointe doctors will ask about your physical activities and medical history, such as your health problems (e.g., arthritis). You will also be asked about your daily routine, recent sport activities, and cases when your wrist, arm or neck has been injured.

Your doctor will also check your neck, shoulders, and arms as well as your wrists, fingers and hands for appearance, feeling and strength. You may even be asked to undergo blood tests and nerve tests to rule out other possible injuries and illnesses aside from carpal tunnel syndrome.

While you can relieve mild symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome at home, such as taking NSAIDs, icing your wrist, and wearing a wrist splint, you may require surgery for a severe case. Just be sure to get the best treatment so as to prevent long-term damage to the median nerve and getting relief from your painful symptoms.

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