Facts About Ligament and Wrist Pain

When your wrist pain results in significant damage to the surrounding ligaments, you must immediately consult with doctors in any of our clinics, such as the Garden Grove clinic near Stanton, Santa Ana, and Westminster.

You should know the what (i.e., anatomy and symptoms) and the why (i.e., causes) of common wrist injuries. As such, you can be a more active participant in the prevention and treatment of your own wrist injuries.

The wrist consists of two sides, namely, the palmar (palm) side and the dorsal (back) side. It has eight carpal bones connecting the two bones of the forearm (the ulna and radius), to the bones of the hand. The long bones lying underneath the palm, known as the metacarpals, attach to the bones in the thumb and fingers, known as the phalanges.

The wrist is a complicated structure mainly because every small bone connects with the bone next to it, thus, forming an individual joint. The ends of the bones are covered in articular cartilage, a smooth slippery substance that allows the bones to slide against each other without causing damage to their surfaces. The ligaments connect the carpal bones to each other as well as the bones of the wrist to the metacarpal, radius and ulna, while also balancing their movements.

The most common way that ligament injury occurs is via a fall on an outstretched hand. You will almost immediately know when an injury to the wrist occurs. Your first signs of trouble are pain and swelling in the injured wrist, which can be accompanied by bruises and skin discoloration (ecchymosis).

Don’t wait until your wrist pain becomes worse. Seek medical attention from our doctors at any of our clinics, such as the Irwindale clinic near Duarte, Azusa, West Covina, Vincent, and Mayflower Village.

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