Moonwalk the Arthritis Pain Away…and Other Health Tips from the 80’s!

Feeling bleh from arthritis? Don’t worry, even Marty McFly had his unmotivated days. Despair no more! Here are 5 rockin’ tips from the eighties that will get you walking outside in the fresh air (instead of sitting in a cramped Delorean!)

  1. Moonwalk it Out

Of course, severe arthritis needs to be treated under strict doctor’s orders. But if you’ve been diagnosed with pre-arthritis or mild inflammation, then you’ve probably been told to move more. Here’s what to do: Dust off your boom box, and moonwalk it out. House party: optional.

  1. Do the Hokey Pokey with a Chicken

Remember the Hokey Pokey and the Chicken Dance? Yeah, they’re your new best friends now. These songs literally go on and on, so you will need to invest in a loooong smartwatch to accommodate for the 6-figure number your Calorie Burn will display.

  1. Mental Health

Okay, the list of dance crazes from the eighties could go on and on. So take a break from the strobe lights and strengthen your brain with some Trivial Pursuit. Your friends will be impressed – though mostly because you’re still playing Trivial Pursuit in 2016.

  1. Eat for Points

Take a hint from Pac-Man: Food is not your enemy. In fact, it can be wholesome and life-giving. Disclaimer: little yellow dots are not human food.

  1. Just Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Life can be tough. When in doubt, surround yourself with good friends (even a kind scarecrow will do) and keep on walking, dancing, playing, and trivial pursuiting – even when you’re unsure of where the road will take you.

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