Robot Medicine + Orthopedic Advances We’ll See in the Future

Advances in Orthopedic Medicine

Take one look at the people around you these days, and you’ll know all too well: the future has arrived! Almost every hand has a smartphone, every wrist a smartwatch, and everyone a social media presence.

Which – for us here at Healthpointe –  begs the question: when will the future of medicine arrive? The answer, dear readers, is that it’s already here! Take a look at some of the medical advances you can expect to see within the next 5 or so years, and which have already started appearing in some research hospitals across the country!

Robot Medicine: Okay, so it won’t be full-out Jetsons, but it’ll be pretty close! A number of positions that doctors used to fill can now be replaced by computerized devices. For example, patients can rely on robots – not anesthesiologists – to dispense and monitor their anesthesia. Sound extreme? Consider this: such a robot doctor can immediately correct and foresee any problems during surgery, without room for human error. Plus, this frees up more time for the actual, warm-blooded human doc, who can devote attention to more patients at once.

At-Home Diagnostics: There is something special brewing in the field of at-home diagnostics (and we’re not talking about WebMD articles). We mean sensors, monitors, and scans that are able to detect, track, and alert you of anything from heart attacks to DNA results – basically, the average fitness tracker, only all muscled up. Equipment once reserved only for patients who checked into an office can now be purchased at a drugstore. Expect to see new developments in orthopedic home aids for seniors (a huge target demographic), like robotic physical therapy assistants.

3D Printers: Well, it’s official – medical researchers have done it again. Thanks to the help of 3D printers, bones can be printed and inserted into areas of fracture. The printed bone will eliminate the fracture and the need for a cast, while the real bones around it eventually grow back together. And bones are just the starting point: top orthopedists in the field are anticipating it to be more commonplace to see other organs printed, like liver tissue, kidneys, and even hearts!

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