Standing Desks: An Orthopedist’s Perspective for Back Pain

Can Standing Desks Help With Back Pain?

Remember that episode of The Office where Dwight decides to use a ‘standing desk’? For those non-Office fans out there (do you really exist?) and for those who’ve forgotten, here’s a quick recap: Dwight tries using a standing desk, since sitting all day is unhealthy. Within moments of setting it up and trying it for the first time, he starts weakening and visibly wants to sit. But, ever the dedicated Schrute, he pushes on, standing, knees locked – until Jim casually flicks him and he falls like a board.

Pros and Cons of Standing Desks:   

  • No sitting. The phrase Sitting is the new smoking exists for a reason. Sitting all day can lead to strain, low oxygen levels to the blood, and weight gain. Not to mention that it’s linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.
  • Encourages movement. With a standing desk, you are already up, so getting up to ask an office neighbor a question will probably occur more often. And the more you move, the healthier you can become.
  • Can Cause Back Pain. If you have an office job, the idea of a standing desk may sound tempting at first. You know you need to move more, but with your workload, you just don’t have time for exercise. But before you spend the big bucks, remember that you will be standing all day, and probably be introduced to back pain, shoulder pain, and foot pain.

The Verdict:

While standing desks might be fun and healthy for the first couple hours or so, over time, standing all day can lead to more strain and back pain than sitting. So, orthopedic-wise, we say yes to standing desks if you mix in sitting. If not, then don’t stress over buying one. Instead, get up from your chair every half hour to hour, and move!

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