Travel Tips for Sufferers of Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, then just the thought of hopping on a long flight – sitting for hours, without the ability to drastically change your position – can cause severe anxiety. This is because when you don’t get up and move, your back will stiffen, cutting off your range of motion and making it hard to even look behind you. But you don’t have to live in fear of long travels anymore! Simply follow these tips, and then get ready to kiss the Blarney Stone, marvel at the Northern Lights, and sip on genuine Armenian coffee – or wherever else your travels take you!

  1. Bring Support – If you don’t already have a back support cushion, you can purchase one at any retail store. Many airports also sell neck pillows, designed to help you avoid spinal strain.
  2. Get Up Every Hour – at least! To avoid getting in the way of others, choose an aisle seat.
  3. Request Special Seating. Most planes now have adjustable seating, so you can position the recliner to the angle that’s easiest on your back. Make sure to also notify your flight attendant that you may experience flare-ups of pain. He or she may be able to accommodate you with special cushions or other complements.
  4. Take Your Meds. Tell your doctor about your travel worries. He or she can supply you with the medication you need to get through the flight. Plus, when you follow a strict regimen, you are less likely to experience anxiety or doubt about your pain.
  5. Stretch. Probably more important than simply changing positions, even. When back stretches are done right (ask your doctor for examples!), they can alleviate soreness, get your bloodstream going, and even prevent worsening pain. You can even try sneaking in a super-mini yoga sesh right there on the plane – only if there’s room, of course!

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