What is Floatation Therapy? (And Why It’s Great For Foot Pain)

Foot pain sufferers, despair no more! Floatation therapy may be just what you’ve been looking for!

What is Floatation Therapy?

In 1954, a scientist by the name of John Lilly was interested in the effects of total sensory deprivation on the human body. So, ever the pragmatist, he tried it! By filling a tank with salt water at body temperature, and floating in it, he theorized that the senses would be deprived, and human consciousness would somehow “slip away.” Whether he was right or not may still be up for debate, but his experiment brought to light the relaxing and downright healing powers of salt water – especially for pain!

Fast forward 60 years later, and Floatation therapy clinics have popped up all throughout Southern California. Most claim to help with mental and physical stress. But since we are always obsessed with all things orthopedic-related (especially anything that can help subside pain!), we wanted to dive (get it?) deeper into floating’s effects on foot pain.

Why It’s Great For Foot Pain!

Two reasons: floating, and salt. Science has proven that an act as simple as floating can lower blood pressure, stress hormones, and heart rate. Your body – and any areas of injury – is constantly bearing the burden of gravity. Floating, however, takes gravity out of the equation – and floatation tanks in particular remove the constant sensory input you receive and “battle” on a daily basis. In addition, soaking in salt water can improve circulation and stress – both of which can dramatically affect foot pain.

Talk to your doctor. Combined with physical therapy, floatation therapy may be just what your body needs to combat foot pain once and for all.

Cheap Alternatives

Unfortunately, floatation clinics can have whopping price tags, and – for most of us – are a rare luxury. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the benefits of floating! Below are some cheap alternatives that almost everyone can access!

The Pacific: The great California coast may not exactly be body-temperature, but the ocean is great for at least two of the benefits of floatation tanks: floating, and salt water. Plus, the sound of gentle waves can be enough to make one fall asleep (only, don’t! always practice awareness while in the ocean!)

Epsom bath: Floatation tanks use Epsom salts, which can be found at a reasonable price at any drug store. When your foot pain starts to flare-up, simply draw a warm bath, and add in the salts! You will be amazed at the therapeutic effects of such a simple purchase!

The Y: If the ocean is a little too daunting, try a swimming pool at a local gym or park. Whether you float for an hour or ten minutes, you are relieving pressure from your foot – a simple but powerful antidote for foot pain sufferers.

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