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Neck Pain – Causes and Treatments

A pain in the neck – the idiom usually refers to a person, thing or event that causes annoyance among others. But when the neck pain becomes literal, then doctor consultations in a Healthpointe clinic nearest your residence may likely be necessary.

The neck connects the head with the rest of the body and it plays a major role as part of the spine. Regardless of its shape, such as big and wide or long and thin, it must be sufficiently flexible for movement yet also strong enough to support the weight of the head. Such is its importance that any injury to its bones and discs can result in temporary or permanent pain, among other symptoms, which can derail sports activities.

Keep in mind that the neck on its own has several parts. The seven vertebrae (bones) provide stability, the discs in between the bones act as cushioning shock absorbers, and the muscles give the neck flexibility and strength.

Neck pain among recreational and professional athletes can come from two sources. First, excessive wear and tear on the ligaments and muscles of the neck can occur because of regular sports activities. Second, direct blows to the head, shoulder and neck can result in disc, nerve and muscle damage to the neck with the damage characterized by mild to moderate pain.

The neck can suffer from two types of injuries in terms of extension. First, hyperextension happens when your neck is flung backward well beyond its normal limits. Second, hyperflexion occurs when your neck is flung forward beyond its normal limits.

In both cases, the sudden and severe backward or forward movement can tear the ligaments in the neck, thus, causing either a sprain or a strain.

And then there’s the so-called burner or stinger, an all-too-common neck injury caused by damage to the brachial plexus, the nerves supplying sensations to the arms. The symptoms include a shock-like jolt of pain racing from your affected shoulder down to your arm.

While minor neck pain may be annoying, it can resolve on its own with or without treatment. But when the signs of serious neck injury, such as pain that will not go away or becomes worse, numbness or weakness in your limbs, and difficulty in balder or bowel control, manifest themselves, seek medical advice ASAP.

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