Healthpointe Food Drive Raises 270 Meals for Local Families

Healthpointe is proud to announce that from May 15, 2017 to June 02, 2017, they have raised 324 pounds of food for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Their efforts, which were a part of a company-wide charity drive with the Food Bank, were a success.

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, which continues to distribute one billion pounds of food since they in 1973, further reported that the 324 pounds of food would provide 270 meals for local families Healthpointe is humbled to have been a part of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank’s efforts, will continue to strive to make a difference in the quality of care that is delivered.

Dr. Ismael Silva, the medical director at Healthpointe, is an advocate of helping others, while improving their well-being. On the topic of Heathpointe’s success with the food drive, he said, “Helping others has always been a goal of mine. We recognize that there is a need for food donations in our community and we were more than willing to help. I am proud to be working alongside local charitable organizations, such as the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, and plan on working with them, along with others, in the near future.”

This was Healthpointe’s first charity food drive with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, but certainly not the last. The staff at Healthpointe continues to look forward to future drives with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Healthpointe is placing their efforts everyday to give back to the community.

For more information on the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, or want to help fight hunger by donating to your local food bank, visit

Healthpointe is ready and eager to provide more for our surrounding communities!


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