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Runners Are Vulnerable to Arm Injuries Too

While arm injuries are less common than leg, knee and feet injuries among runners, runners should also be just as aware of their vulnerability to arm injuries. This will lead to a productive career and peak fitness levels.

The higher prevalence of injuries to the lower extremities comes as little to no surprise for runners. Keep in mind that a runner’s feet, knees and legs take extraordinary amounts of force when running since these body parts, especially the legs, absorb the impact of several times his body weight. The more you run, the more likely you are to sustain injuries to your lower extremities.

But the force of the impact will not stop at the waist. The force will be distributed all over the skeletal and muscular system from the waist, absorbing into the arms and shoulders.

Aside from the force of the impact distribution from the lower to the upper extremities, arm injuries are also caused by the use of the arms for momentum when running. Think about the swinging of the arms and shoulders for momentum especially when the finish line is in sight. When the motion is repeated countless of times, the effect is micro-trauma on the joints, ligaments and tendons, which increases the risks for injuries in the arms and shoulders.

Obviously, the part most likely to be injured in the arm is the shoulder joint. This is because the shoulder is a relatively unstable joint since it mainly has just tendons and ligaments to hold it together; in contrast, the hip has a ball-and-socket configuration.

The shoulder can then be dislocated, among other injuries, with the least amount of applied force, as is the case with using the arms for momentum and absorbing the force of impact from the lower extremities.

Shoulder dislocations are, indeed, more common than many runners think. These injuries are typically caused by a macro-trauma, such as when you use your arm to break a fall. The transmission of the force of impact pushes your shoulder out of its joint.

Regardless of the cause of your arm injury, always seek medical opinion for its proper treatment. You can escape, so to speak, a leg injury by resting it (i.e., no running), but you cannot escape an arm injury by rest.

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