Back Pain: Exercise Tips for Prevention

Exercises for lower back pain are designed to stretch and strengthen the three types of muscles supporting the spine, including: extensors (gluteal and back muscles), flexors (iliopsoas and abdominal muscles), and obliques (side muscles).

Before engaging in the following exercises, make sure to see a licensed and trained physical therapist from any of our clinics, such as the Garden Grove clinic near Stanton, Santa Ana, and Westminster.

#1 Stretching Exercises

Progressive stiffness is usually associated with any form of physical inactivity, such as in the case of back injuries involving the disc, muscles, or tendons. You must push the range of motion for the affected area, but be sure to keep it within a tolerated and controlled manner. You may have to perform stretching exercises for weeks to mobilize both your spine and the soft tissues around it.

#2 Strengthening Exercises

Aside from proper and prompt medical attention, the adoption of the appropriate strengthening exercises is a must in the prevention of a cycle of back pain and its associated muscle weakness. The strengthening exercises recommended by physical therapists include the McKenzie exercise (extends the spine for pain reduction caused by a collapsed disc space) and lumbar stabilization exercise (focuses on finding the best neutral spine position).

#3 Low-Impact Aerobic Conditioning

Low-impact aerobic exercises are crucial for the prevention, rehabilitation and maintenance of the overall health in the lower back. Just keep in mind that not all low-impact aerobic exercise will be suitable for all injuries. Athletes are usually asked to undergo water therapy, or walking, or stationary biking for this purpose.

Do you have lower back pain and want to ease into your athletic life? Call our Healthpointe doctors and physical therapists for the best combination of exercises in your case.

You should always seek the medical opinion of Healthpointe doctors and physical therapists for the right exercises for lower back pain relief and rehabilitation. Visit any of our clinics, such as the Irwindale clinic, near Duarte, Azusa, West Covina, Vincent, and Mayflower Village.

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