Everything You Didn’t Know About Concussions

With even Hollywood taking notice – thanks to Concussion, a movie about a doctor raising awareness of the dangers of concussions among National Football League players – awareness about concussions among athletes is increasing. Specialists in neurology and sports medicine in any of the Healthpointe clinics, such as the one in Corona near Norco, Home Gardens, Mira Loma, and Pedley, want their patients to know about these basics of concussions: causes, complications, and care.While your doctor should make the definitive diagnosis and recommend the medical management measures, it pays to know the basics. You will appreciate the measures you are taking to treat and prevent future concussions.

  • Causes

Your brain is cushioned from the daily bumps, jolts and impact, thanks to the cerebrospinal fluid around it. But when a violent blow to either your neck or head, even on your upper body, happens, your brain can forcefully slide back and forth against your skull resulting in injuries.

Your injured brain can affect your motor and cognitive functions usually for a brief period. You will also likely experience the signs and symptoms of a concussion, such as confusion and drowsiness, which can develop either immediately or later after the injury.

  • Complications

Concussions should be viewed as serious matters requiring prompt and appropriate medical attention. Otherwise, potentially fatal complications can happen even when the brain injury appears to be of little consequence at first.

These complications can include epilepsy, a condition characterized by seizures that can develop within the first five years after the concussion; post-concussion syndrome, which includes signs like dizziness, headaches, and thinking difficulties persisting for anywhere from weeks to months after the injury; and cumulative effects of multiple brain injuries, which can limit your overall function in the long run.

  • Care

Fortunately, many cases of concussions are treatable especially when immediate and appropriate medical attention is provided. Your doctor will conduct diagnostic tests to determine the extent of your brain injury as well as recommend measures to lessen its impact.

You should avoid general physical and mental exertion to allow your brain sufficient time to recover from its injury. You may even have to take time off work for a few days to a few weeks depending on your condition. You should also take breaks during the day, all with the goal of letting your brain heal naturally.

You should be able to recover from your concussion. But you have to take the necessary measures to prevent another incident just to be on the safe side.

When it comes to sports medicine, come to any of the Healthpointe clinics, such as the one in Garden Grove near Stanton, Santa Ana, and Westminster ASAP!

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