How to Prevent Diving Injuries

Most non-divers believe that diving is not as dangerous as contact sports. But this is not so because the body hitting the water has the force of a collision and the risk for orthopedic injuries like fractures are high.

For example, British diver Sarah Barrow competed in the synchronized 10-meter World Aquatics Championships final despite her two shin stress fractures. She was able to compete but only finished sixth – partly because of her injuries. A diver diving from a 10-meter platform travels nearly 40 miles per hour, a speed that generates forces sufficient to dislocate joins and break bones.

But that’s not all. Divers are also at risk from diving injuries caused by hitting the platform or board as well as overuse injuries, such as trunk flexion, back arching, and back twisting. Even training on so-called dry land can result in injuries, such as when weightlifting and jumping from springboards or on trampolines.

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Here are a few safety tips that professional and recreational divers can keep in mind to significantly reduce the risk for injuries before, during and after diving.

  • Perform warm-up exercises before diving. Your muscles will have greater blood circulation and your bones will be better stretched.
  • Avoid diving from heights for which you have not conquered your anxiety. Otherwise, you will likely become nervous and overlook proper diving technique.

Keep in mind, too, that orthopedic injuries are not the only injuries that divers can suffer. These include swimmer’s ear, sinusitis, ruptured eardrums, and cuts, scrapes and bruises.

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