How to Run in the Rain

For most humans, this article may seem a bit superfluous. But chances are that you who are reading this are no ordinary human – you’re a Southern Californian, which means you’ve only heard about “rainy seasons” in textbooks. And on the rare occasions when it does rain, it’s pretty much apocalypse, right?

With all that said, yesterday was one of the rainiest days SoCal has seen in a long time. Freeways closed, trees fell, and floods flooded everywhere. And if you were thinking about going on a run, it’s safe to say you cancelled. Which is why we’ve brought you our top tips for running in the rain – so you can keep at it, no matter the forecast!

  1. Dress in bright, light layers. The golden rule is to always dress for a run as if it’s 10 degrees warmer outside than it actually is. This applies even when it’s raining. Definitely don’t underdress (or you’ll risk sickness), but try to find a balance, because overdressing can mean sweating too quickly (which can also mean sickness). Wear bright waterproof outer clothes for visibility and comfort, and light layers underneath.
  2. Protect your electronics. If you wear a fitness tracker, keep it secured on your mid-forearm, under your windbreaker. If you run with a phone, wear waterproof pants with zip-up pockets in which to keep it. The fewer electronics you have on you, the less chance you have of damaging them – yet we do not recommend running without a phone (for emergencies).
  3. Think. Or, to be un-PC, don’t do anything stupid. Like not looking both ways before you cross a street, or running in the middle of a thunder and lightning storm. Both of these things can result in serious injury or fatality, which do not outweigh the benefits of “sticking to your routine.”

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