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Reducing the Risks for Muscle Cramps for Dancers

Professional dancers have enviable grace, flexibility and strength that mere mortals admire to attain. However, their physical fluidity in movements can become irregular because of muscle cramps. Muscle cramps, after all, can be excruciatingly painful that they can affect a dancer’s performance level.

Muscle cramps, furthermore, are not just the result of physical fatigue, but also of nutritional deficiency. Lessening the risks for muscle spasms and alleviating their pain, may then require a two-pronged approach that can save a dancer from pain.

Just remember that the following ways will not completely eliminate muscle spasms, but they can minimize the risks of said condition.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Muscle cramps can be invoked by dehydration. This is because the human body is made predominantly from fluid. Sufficient water intake is a must for the maintenance of proper bodily functions including chemical processes and muscle function.

In fact, your body’s ability to maintain proper functions can be decreased by 10% with 1% fluid loss. Be sure to drink plenty of water and avoid drinking only when you are thirsty because then your body is already dehydrated. Add electrolyte-charged beverages, which contain electrolytes like potassium, sodium, and magnesium, to boost proper muscle function.

  1. Eat electrolyte-rich foods

Get the abovementioned electrolytes from its natural food sources preferably 30-45 minutes after exercise since your body is more receptive to absorption. Eat foods rich in potassium (bananas, cantaloupe, and kiwi); magnesium (whole grains, apricots, and avocados); sodium (nuts and saltines); and calcium (broccoli, yogurt and cheese).

For example, eat a trail mix consisting of lightly salted almonds, pumpkin seeds, and dried apricots during breaks in rehearsals and then a glass of chocolate milk for a post-exercise snack.

  1. Relax your muscles

Of course, warming up your muscles is always an excellent idea before practice. However, when you have muscle cramps even with stretching exercises, then your best bet is stretching out the affected limb to release the muscle. You can also walk around, and perform self-massages with your hands or a foam roller. You should also avoid putting too much weight on a limb with spasm.

Keep in mind that when you have been experiencing too frequent or too painful muscle spasms that cannot be relieved by homemade measures including diet and exercise, then it is time to seek medical opinion. Go to one of the Healthpointe clinics, such as Corona that also serves Norco, Home Gardens, Mira Loma, and Pedley, for their medical services in sports injuries.

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