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The Spine: Bodybuilders’ Friend and Foe

Think of the spine as a friend and foe of bodybuilders and you will have an idea of its importance in the sport. On one hand, your spine serves as the anchor for your weightlifting movements, thus, making it your friend in achieving a lean and mean body. On the other hand, your spine is highly vulnerable to a wide range of injuries from a pulled muscle to a damaged disk caused by incorrect lifting technique, severe wear and tear, and poor posture, among other factors.

The most common area for spine injuries is the lumbar region (lower spine). The injuries may be caused by a wide range of factors, such as:

  • Extending or flexing your back muscles against the weight, which can result in muscle strains and ligament tears;
  • Performing certain high-risk exercises especially with incorrect techniques, said exercises include the dead-lift, clean-and-jerk, snatch, and squats;
  • Doing weightlifting exercises at a more mature age, such as those over 50 years old, since the spine has already undergone natural deterioration (i.e., wear and tear, disc degeneration, or osteoarthritis).

Indeed, bodybuilders have higher risks for spine injuries and illnesses, thus, stressing the importance of having Healthpointe doctors or surgeons on their speed dials in case related symptoms are experienced.

Speaking of symptoms, not all back pain is symptomatic of spine injury so there’s really no need to panic immediately. But when your back pain is accompanied by other symptoms like weakness, numbness, and tingling sensations as well as loss of bladder or bowel function, then you should consult with your Healthpointe doctor as soon as possible.

Your doctor or surgeon will use a wide range of diagnostic methods to determine the type, location and severity of your spinal injury, resulting in the best possible treatment program. You should always follow your doctor’s recommendations, if possible, especially when it comes to treatment and prevention methods to lessen the risks associated with spine injuries and illnesses.

Keep in mind that you should take responsibility for adopting preventive measures when weightlifting. You are well-advised to use less weight but perform more repetitions, use a training machine instead of free weights on a more frequent basis, and work with an experienced personal trainer.

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