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Going Under the Knife Due to Tennis Elbow Injury

While most cases of tennis are resolved without going under the knife, your doctor may consider surgery as a last resort. You can be assured, however, that surgery will only be considered after several months of tendon rehabilitation, including rest, have failed in stopping the pain and in returning the strength and flexibility of your forearm.

Your doctor will consider the following factors before making a recommendation for surgery:

  • You are still experiencing pain and soreness in your elbow even after 6-12 months of tendon rehabilitation and rest.
  • Your elbow pain has been diagnosed as not caused by other possible causes, such as muscle injury, nerve problems, or arthritis.
  • You have been unable to perform everyday activities and job tasks due to elbow pain.
  • Your corticosteroid shots, among other medications, have provided short-term pain relief with the pain coming in spurts after the shots have worn off.

Your doctor will likely perform the following steps during surgery on your tennis elbow:

  • Cutting or releasing the affected tendon;
  • Removing the inflamed tissue from the affected tendon;
  • Repairing or reattaching the tears on the affected tendon, if possible, without over-tightening it.

Keep in mind that tendon surgery should only be performed by trained medical professionals because of the risks and complications involved. Your surgeon may use traditional open surgery or arthroscopy or a combination of both depending on your case and his preferred method. You should discuss the pros and cons for each surgery method especially in terms of recovery time and results as well as cost.

But your journey toward complete restoration of your elbow’s normal functioning does not stop with the surgery. Its success will partly depend on the amount of time, energy and effort that you will pour into the recommended rehabilitation program.

While each person’s recovery time from surgery varies, you should expect complete recovery in 3-6 months when coupled with appropriate rehabilitation. You should avoid smoking since the substances in cigarettes slow down wound healing especially in the tendons. You also have to make changes in the way that you use your elbow while it is recovering from the surgery.

You should discuss your other treatment options with your doctor before going under the knife. Your surgery can be performed in one of our Healthpointe clinics, such as in Ontario, which is conveniently near Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Montclair, and Chino.

Healthpointe’s doctors and surgeons are available for consultations on all tennis elbow and sports-related injuries; for more information please call (888) 824-5580 or visit <a href=””></a>

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