Tips to Prevent Sports Injuries

It seems like every other day, another professional athlete is “out for the season” because of a (sometimes preventable) sports injury. According to Healthpointe’s sports medicine department, some of the most common sports injuries that are seen include rotator cuff tears, ACL/MCL (ligaments of the knee) sprains, fractures, and hamstring strains. But how can you prevent sports injuries?

While sports injuries can happen in a flash (and are sometimes unpreventable, no matter how prepared you are), there are ways to help increase the chances for prevention. Whether your sport is football or ice skating (or anything in between!), make sure to always follow these guidelines for a healthy and safer athletic career.

Ways to Prevent Sports Injuries,

  1. Stretch (Before and After)

You can’t play without your muscles, so take care of them. Repeatedly exercising without stretching before and after can cause sprains, strains, and tearing. If left untreated, sprains, strains, and tears can develop into more serious problems, such as permanent loss of range of motion or strength.

Along the same lines, warming up before and cooling down after a workout is crucial. Stretching and easing into workouts helps to prepare your muscles for the oncoming strain. After a hard workout, your muscles sustain tiny micro-tears; stretching and cooling down helps blood perfusion and stimulates your body to repair these tears.

  1. Always Wear the Correct Gear

There’s a reason your sport comes with padding, helmets, shin guards, etc. They have been proven to decrease the chances of injury! Always wear the gear your coach assigns you or is that is recommended for your activity, even if you don’t “feel” like it. In the end, you will probably end up thanking him or her for your strong and healthy body, free of injuries!

  1. Consult with a Sports Medicine Specialist

Here’s a trade secret that can help keep you in top shape: even when you’re not seriously injured, regularly consulting with a sports medicine specialist can do wonders for your game and health. He or she can go over your body mechanics, and teach you ways to exercise or stretch that will improve your game. And if you ever do find yourself battling an injury, a sports medicine doctor will proved the tools and care you need to help you reach a lasting recovery.

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