9 Creative Ways to Exercise

Feeling stuck in your workout routine? Get unstuck, with the following creative ways to exercise!

Grab a friend and a volleyball, and go!

Forget fancy and expensive gym memberships: the best exercise arises when you are being challenged – especially in a pickup game. All you need is some open space, a ball, and a buddy, and you’ll be working out like crazy (and not knowing it)!

Ice skating.

If you’re not as graceful as you’d like to be on blades, that’s actually all the more reason to ice skate: when you’re in the process of learning a new skill (especially one involving balance), your brain is growing stronger. With ice skating, you’ll also see pleasant uses of your physical muscles!

Trampoline centers.

What’s bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, and scattered across SoCal? Trampoline centers. You don’t have to be a kid to jump until you feel like you are flying (and burned off breakfast). Plus, jumping uses all the muscles in the body and is considered a great supplement to a normal workout routine (such as jogging).

Dance clubs.

Dancing is one of the most stress-reducing ways to get your workout in, and sometimes, a good dance club just can’t be beat! Whether it’s country, salsa, or ballroom, there’s a place out there just waiting for you to get your groove on!

Bike the boardwalk.

If the thought of cycling the streets of SoCal scares you, you don’t have to give up on biking forever! Flat, free of cars, and relatively short, a beach boardwalk is the perfect place for first-timers.

 Take Max to the dog beach.

Show your furry friend some love with a trip to the dog beach or park, or even a walk around the block. You and your pet will be that much healthier, and you may even meet a new friend or two!


Zumba is, simply put, fun. It’s a combination of dance and exercise, all to the beat of your favorite upbeat song. Think of it as an excuse to show off your rad vocals as you sing along to Katy Perry and work up a good sweat!


If you think you only have time for either cleaning or working out, you are wrong! Cleaning can be working out (depending on what you’re cleaning). If it’s the entire garage in a weekend, then don’t worry about missing exercise – you will be burning more than enough kcals! If it’s the bottom drawer of your desk, then you should probably try to squeeze in some workout time!

Play with your children.

Finally, and most importantly, spend time with your kiddos. It’s almost a guarantee that they will leave you exhausted – in a good way! You’ll have burned some serious calories, and created moments they will remember for years.

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