Is Milk the Great Source of Protein, Vitamin D, and Calcium?

Does milk promote strong healthy bones and can we get optimal nutrients from milk?

Yes, it is true milk is a great source of protein, Vitamin D and calcium. Additionally, we all have heard that milk helps us grow strong and reduces bone fractures. But does it really benefit us? And is milk our only source of protein, calcium and Vitamin D? The answers may surprise you.

Technically, we don’t need milk. Did you know Vitamin D can be absorbed through the direct sunlight?  Additionally, Vitamin D, calcium and protein can be found in other foods such as fish, egg yolks, nuts beans, greens, chicken and beef.

Milk is a contributing factor to obesity.  Milk has a high saturated fat ratio and does not have any fiber. Most of the caloric intake will be fat, which will then be stored – as opposed to carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are a source of fuel and can be burned up more easily, compared to the fat.

While milk can provide valuable nutrients, milk isn’t the superfood that we were led to believe. It is important to focus on healthy eating habits, and for some, this may mean toning down on the milk. For more information, on how to maintain strong healthy bones talk to your doctor, or a nutritionist.

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