3 Ways Sleeping is Good for Weight Management

If you are looking to lose weight, one of the first things a weight management doctor will ask you is: “Are you getting enough sleep?”. Here’s why:

  1. Burns Calories. Your brain is highly active during sleep – particularly REM sleep, and in order to keep your body in an REM state, you need energy sources. This is why your body burns calories when you sleep – to keep you sleeping, ironically enough. So, next time you are debating between sleep and exercise, go for the sleep! It’s safer, and anyways, you probably don’t get enough of it!
  2. Prepares Your Body for your next workout. Did you know that your body is working while you are unconscious? Because sleeping requires little energy, your body is able use this time for things it can’t do during the day – like repairing little tiny tears in your muscles.

Think of your Body as a car, and Sleeping as filling it with gas.  When your car has been driving for a long time, it will start to need gas, for it to function. Similarly, when you have been awake for a long time, your body needs to shut down in order for you to function smoothly the next morning. Forcing your body to workout without sleep is like forcing a car to move by pushing it from behind – definitely not effective!

  1. Curbs Cravings. Show me someone who is pulling a last-minute all-nighter for a Calculus test tomorrow, and I’ll show you someone surrounded by books, calculators…and chips, candy, energy drinks, etc. That student may think he is eating junk food for the bursts of energy, but he can get the same amount of energy – and long-lasting energy! – from vegetables, fruit, coffee, and tea.

Furthermore, that Calculus student is probably eating junk food for a deeper reason than he realizes. When you lack sleep, your body begins to look for the fastest and easiest sources of energy – and those standards are met by high amounts of sugar and fat.  

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