A Broken Nose is No Laughing Matter

While society may find many Hollywood celebrities with crooked noses as endearing – Luke Wilson is a good example – breaking your nose is no laughing matter, according to ENT specialists. This is true regardless of the reason for the nasal fracture, such as during a sports activity (e.g., boxing), as the nose has several essential components of the respiratory system.

Many, if not most, people will refuse treatment for nasal fracture since a broken nose appears mild, even harmless to health, since it can resolve on its own. Just place ice on the affected part, take painkillers, and avoid blowing on it – or at least, these are the common home care methods applied.

But it cannot be overemphasized that a nasal fracture should be treated appropriately by a medical professional. When poorly managed, an acute nasal fracture can result in chronic nasal deformities that, in turn, can lead to breathing difficulties. In athletes at the top of their competitive form, these respiratory difficulties can mean the difference between winning the gold and stumbling to the finish line while out of breath.

At the first sign of a broken nose, especially from sports activities, you should consult with a Healthpointe doctor at any of the clinics, such as the Ontario clinic, which is near Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Montclair, and Chino. Proper diagnosis and treatment is a must not only for cosmetic reasons but for health reasons, too.

In most nasal fractures, the most common findings include:

  • Epistaxis, a swelling and tenderness of the nasal dorsum
  • Obvious nasal deformity
  • Bruising around the eyes

A nasal fracture or septal dislocation may also be possible when you experience a nasal obstruction during inhalation. Your doctor will usually conduct the physical examination with proper lighting and with the use of a nasal speculum as well as spray a vasoconstrictor for a better view of the nasal structure.

The treatment for a broken nose depends on its type, location and severity. Your doctor may apply ice to minimize the swelling in the area, treat the open wounds using copious irrigation techniques, and prescription of painkillers.

You may have to discuss other treatment options, too. It may be as simple as a simple close reduction of the bones in your nose in an outpatient setting or as involved as open reduction for a severely dislocated septum requiring hospitalization. You will likely be asked to avoid activities that can worsen your broken nose as well as wear protective gear.

Come to any of the Healthpointe clinics, such as the Perris clinic near Nuevo, Sun City, Canyon Lake, Homeland, Romoland, and Lakeview, for appropriate treatment for nasal fractures.

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